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Being quarantined has probably left us bored, thinking there's nothing productive we can do. But our dogs think otherwise. They couldn't be happier knowing that you haven't left the house for weeks. And while it seems like your pup is enjoying snoozing and clinging all day, it is important to keep them healthy and active. 

Make these days a great opportunity to improve their physical and mental welfare. Ensuring their education would simulate their cognitive development. Who wouldn't want their best friend smarter and interactive? Now more than ever is the best time to teach your dog good behavior with a home training guide.


Basic Guide to Train Your Dog at Home

Training your pup has been a necessity these days. It is important for them to practice good social behavior, whether you're in public or at home. As a dog owner, you'll realize that it's not just your pup who would learn things, but yourself as well. You get to discover how to communicate with your pet, such as reading its intentions through patterns.

Dog Obedience Program

Reward your dog with treats or other things she loves to convince her to do tricks again. This would serve as a sign to let your dog know that you approve what she did, and you want her to repeat it. Simply don't reward her if you disliked what she had done.

Teach Basic Commands

Your dog must understand various basic instructions. Learning such would help your dog to respond in pieces of training. Commands come in beneficial when handling situations, such as when he needs to stay put.

Relationship-Based Training Method

Strengthen your bond and foster your communication with your fur buddy. Training sessions require you to know what motivates dogs, and how you would meet their needs. This is basically focusing more on an individualized approach for both of you, and the drive on being closer to each other as well.

Fun Games and Activities

This would help them develop their social skills and behavior while enjoying at the same time. You wouldn't want your dog to get tired and sick of basic training. The idea of games would let your dog become more interactive and be willing to do things. Just be creative.

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